About this Website

As also said on the homepage, this website is about a journey through the beer world by showing the beers that are or have been in the world using the beer labels I have in my collection and/or showing them through a nice simple description of the beer. By making a beer description, beer tasting is not only about what you see, smell or taste, but there are also a number of other factors that can play a role. These factors, such as foam, carbon dioxide, may vary by bottle/season/brew and even some flavor components may vary from time to time. Nevertheless, the brewers try to prevent this as much as possible. Because of this, the information from the beer may not match what you may perceive when you drink it. The circumstance in which you taste beer can also make a difference, such as atmosphere, circumstances such as the weather or location, but also your perfume and smoking can influence the tasting. These deviations can then be caused by one or more of the above differences.

Beers of the breweries also have a number of characteristics, one important beer characteristic is the beer style or also called beer type. There is no official definition of the subdivision of beer styles and therefore this website uses various data sources to give a good and not too complex overview under which style it belongs. Because the beer world never stands still, this overview will occasionally change as breweries experiment and sometimes new beer styles are added. Another important feature is the color. The beerguide uses these basic colors outside the experiment colors such as red, pink, green, blue etc.

Information can also be found about the brewery that brewed the beer and the breweries are subdivided into category on the beer guide. But also here I have not been able to find an official subdivision of this either, which is why I have chosen for the following classification on the Beer Guide ;

  • Beer brewery
    An independent production unit, known for tax purposes as an excise warehouse, where the production of the wort takes place, whether or not part of a group.
  • Brewery tenant
    An independent company that, under its own name, but without its own brewery, regularly trades in certain beer(s) according to its own recipe and commercializes these itself as its main activity.
  • Self-brewer
    Natural person who brews beer in his spare time for his own consumption and on whom no excise duty is paid.
  • Beer trader
    Company that, under its own name, is mainly engaged in the commercialization of beers of others.
Not all breweries are independent anymore, some have been taken over by others and if they were no longer profitable, they had to close their doors in a certain year and this may mean that the beer is now brewed elsewhere.


I have tried to make all the information on the beer guide as complete as possible, but if you think there are certain things that are different, feel free to let me know. You can do that via e-mail address beerguidenl [at] gmail.com

Also, this site would not exist without the help of my relatives, friends, colleagues and of course the breweries and cafes. Many like to help me to make this website as complete as possible, by sending the beers or beer labels. If you have seen beers or beer labels that are not yet on this website and if you thinkthey should really be on it, please feel so free to send them to me. You make then not olny me happy but also other visitors of this website.