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The Judicator

Brewery Sofia Electric Brewing   
Country / State Bulgarije / Sofia
Beerstyle Stout - Imperial / Double
ABV 15.0% vol.
Serve temperature Is not listed on the the can.
IBU/EBU Is not listed on the the can.
EBC Is not listed on the the can.

Beer description is posted on 16-09-2023.

The beer was poured from out of een can and once poured into the glass, the color is clear dark brown and there is no sediment on the bottom of the glass. The foam head has a structure, which is instable and even divided, disappears after a few minutes to a small permanent layer in the glass. and the foam is also not wall adhesive.

The aroma that immediately stands out is a chocolate aroma, the other aroma that is also perceptible is a dried fruit aroma.

After pouring the beer in the glass there is little carbon dioxide activity to seen and when tasting it its gives you in the mouth no tingling feeling. The taste of the beer is sweet and the beer has a light hoppy bitterness. In the afthertaste you have rum that predominates and further there will be a whiskey and red wine feeling in the mouth.